Ancient Traditions for A New Generation – Coptic Saints

How do you introduce Saints to today’s children?

One of the challenges of introducing Coptic Saints to a “modern” generation resides in the Iconography. Coptic Icons are an honoured and cherished tradition of the Coptic faith. Because the icon contains many symbols, they are able to transmit the essence of the Saint’s life as well as salient features of their journey. But,  at times,  they can be slightly intimidating for a young audience who is now accustomed to animation as the norm.

Enter: Our Heavenly Friends.

This is a fantastic Sunday School Program created by Laura Philopateer from which aims to reconcile these two worlds. The beauty of the illustrations is stunning. Its ingenuity lies in its faithful representation of the Saints but in a child-friendly way.

Coptic Saints meet the 21st century!

And the program allows parents and Sunday School Servants to incorporate the Lives of Saints into everyday life ( think storytime before going to sleep) or alongside the regular Sunday School Curriculum ( as an introduction before the regular lesson for example).

The program comes complete with a Posterboard, Saints Pictures and Study Guide ( an instructional manual for parents and servants alike). Here is where you can learn more about the program and you can also make your order by following this link: Heavenly Friends

Here is a quick summary:

Each child receives

  • a sturdy cardstock My Heavenly Friends poster to hang in his or her bedroom
  • Originally illustrated stickers for nine saints
  • a Parents’ Guide to take home to mom and dad

Each Servant’s Book contains

  • simplified stories of nine beloved Coptic saints
  • an explanation of the virtue associated with that saint
  • tips for presenting the program

Laura,  congratulations on a job super well done!!! I strongly recommend this program; make your order today!

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