55 days to the finish line: Lent is upon us!

Is Lent your favorite time of year?


It is mine. Except, I never really asked myself about my preference for Lent, before. As a foodie, you would think that 55 days of veganism would have me tearing up (I do struggle by week 4). But instead, I find myself looking forward to Lent.


I think part of the appeal is that it feels like a journey that the whole church is embarking upon. For 55 days, we all have our eyes on the prize, we all want to cross the finish line and we all want to arrive together to the celebration of the glorious resurrection.


Another aspect that I love is the fact that I dedicate more time to reading the Bible, praying from the Agpeya (book of the hours), and focusing on my spiritual life.


And right as I started writing down that last sentence, I realized the simplest of truth:


Lent does not have to be  ONLY 55 days long!


Lent can be a lifetime. I just choose to stop prioritizing my spiritual life at the finish line instead of going the extra mile every day of my life. And by the grace of God, I plan on committing to that realization!


Blessed Lent everyone,

In Christ,



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