Why start my publishing journey by writing a story for children? Christian children?

My faith, my son and the angels I serve in my Sunday School class.

I have been writing since before I can remember. Writing occurs in spite of me; independent of my will.

My son, extraordinary in my eyes, has the same ordinary love for superheroes as the average youngster his age.

Despite my best efforts, Bible stories could not compete, night after night, with the allure of Spider Man or Captain America. We would read Moses one night and he would ask for Lightning Mcqueen the following night.

If only he could realize that Christians have super powers. Intangible ones,  but real.  Invisible but monumental; capable of moving mountains and parting seas.

The SuperHolies began to take form in my mind. The powers bestowed by the Holy Spirit, commonly known as the “Fruits of the Holy Spirit”; I re-imagined them as Superpowers/Super Heroes.

I could now read my son a bedtime story that would spark his interest (superheroes) and yet teach him the fundamentals of our Faith.

Writing is a gift that our Lord has given me; my first book series is my offering, my gift to Him.