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Among my favorite authors are Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Oscar Wilde.

Each one of Alexandre Dumas’s novels can be described as “a page turner” in the terminology of modern book reviews.

Victor Hugo’s sagas are full of vivid imagery, complex characters and detailed scenery.

Oscar Wilde’s wit and sarcasm made his observations of society memorable, quotable and enjoyable.


These 3 literary giants share one common trait: they wrote about what they knew.


Simple concept, but one that many writers find challenging.


I blame J.K. Rowling:

In an effort to be original and creative, authors believe that they must write about far away lands, fantastical adventures or dream up new worlds.

Unless fantasy writing is the genre that has captured the heart of the writer, there is hardly a need to fixate on creating the next Harry Potter.

Learning from the Masters:

Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest are “blockbuster” successes.

All three works are set in the authors’ respective “backyards”.  Their characters could have been their own neighbors. The themes are ones that they all experienced. This is why these literary works continue to capture the hearts of readers 200 years. The authenticity seeps through every page.

So, the best writing advice I ever got?


Write about what I know and remain authentic to my own voice, in every sense of the word.


Happy writing!



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