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Teen Boys Filmed Giving Duvet to Homeless Man and Tucking Him In
UpliftInspiringby McKinley Corbley – Oct 20, 2017 0

Millenials may get a bad rap for being the generation introduced to smartphones, but these three Polish teens are a perfect example of how youngsters are just as kind and compassionate as everyone else.

Last December, Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin were wandering down a street in Nysa – a city in southern Poland – when they stumbled upon a homeless man.

When the youths asked how they could help the stranger, he asked for a blanket to help keep himself warm on the park bench.

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The trio then started searching all over town for a blanket until they eventually found someone who was throwing out old furniture. On top of an old couch was a clean duvet and pillow.

Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin are then caught on CCTV footage walking back to the homeless man, gently covering him with the blanket, and tucking him in on the park bench.

According to TVN24, the boys were invited to the mayor’s office so they could be recognized and rewarded for their good deed after security workers saw the footage.

The Nysa city office also says that the man from the video is no longer homeless.


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