There is still goodness in this world.

Suddenly, I am interested in Superbowl!

Good morning friends, Before reading the article or watching the video, grab a tissue (or two). This story is heartwarming and will simply cheer you up and remind, all of us, how kindness can change this world and how kindness is never forgotten by those on the receiving end. Love it!!! Get your copy [...]

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Teach a man how to fish…Denver leads by example!

Good morning friends, I found this uplifting story- what a wonderful example of "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" Go Denver!! The Denver Day Works program pays homeless people to work for the city, no strings attached. [...]

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5th Graders Take Action To Right Racial Injustice 60 Years Later

These fifth graders were moved to tears by the Caldwells' story – which is why they then banded together to right the wrongs from 60 years ago. Source: 5th Graders Hear Senior Couple's Story of Racial Injustice and Take Action 60 Years Later Get your copy today!

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Even though I avoid the gym – I love this story about one!

I love these kind of stories! There is good in humanity. Imagine if everyone of us extended a helping hand to a stranger, what a different world we would live in! Get your copy today!

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