Fast of Jonah – Three days in the dark

Blessed Fast of Jonah dear friends, I had previously written a post about how the story of Jonah inspires me :you can read the post here: This year, I was reflecting on the "3 days in the belly of the fish". Total darkness. Total darkness. Completely detached from the world. In a cocoon with only [...]

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Advent First- Santa Second! Keeping Christ in Christmas!

Christmas expectations in North America How can we possibly convince our children that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and not Santa, gifts and stressed-out parents? Our son has come to expect the Christmas tree to make an appearance with the first snow flake to hit the pavement. He associates winter and snow with [...]

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Blessed Fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary

Good day friends, This is one of my favorite times of the Coptic year: the fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary. Two short weeks that pass by in the blink of an eye and yet provide spiritual nourishment for weeks thereafter. The Virgin Mary is celebrated and venerated by different denominations throughout the world. [...]

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