Lessons for Third Graders

Teaching children about proper church etiquette

Good day friends, This week's Sunday School lesson was about the proper manners for attending church. It is a topic where a delicate balance must be achieved. On the one hand, the children must understand the Holiness of the Church and how to respect visiting the home of the King of Kings. On the other [...]

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Saint Anthony the Great – Desert vs. Jacuzzi

Good morning friends,   I had the blessing of teaching the lesson about Saint-Anthony the Great, the first Coptic Monk. As I teach the first and second graders this year, I try to keep the lessons short and to incorporate a game to illustrate the point of the story. Story :  Saint Anthony lost his [...]

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Coptic New Year- Blessed Feast of the Nayruz and a new Sunday School year begins!

Good day friends, A New Sunday School year begins: Yesterday, we celebrated the start of the Coptic New Year (The Feast of the Nayruz) which also signals the start of a new Sunday School year. It was difficult to bid farewell to my beloved Sunday School angels but I was blessed to meet my new [...]

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4 Tips To Tame The Tongue

Can we tame our tongues? Is it even necessary? I must have learnt to speak even before learning to breathe; and I have not stopped speaking since. This made teaching a lesson about “controlling the tongue” hit close to home. One of those moments when you look towards heaven with a smile and whisper, “nicely [...]

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Tower of Pride- Also known as Babel

Hello friends! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I had the blessing of teaching a lesson about the Tower of Babel. I must admit, I thought that this lesson would be rather "simple" to prepare and deliver. After all, most of the students in my class ( grade three) must have heard this [...]

Preaching by example.

Hello dear readers, This week's lesson was about the life of Saint Pachomios- the father of Communal Monasticism. I am ashamed to admit that I had never read the details of his life before this week (another proof that I benefit from serving far more than my students can ever benefit from my lessons!!). Summary [...]