Hello dear readers,

I hope that you are all doing very well. Over the week-end, I watched the newest installment of the Avengers franchise, a Disney production, entitled: Infinity War.
I am not one to review movies, and this post does not contain any spoilers, except for the following exchange between two characters that left me saddened for the remainder of the show.

The exchange:

“Who is your master?”

To which the other character responds,

“What, am I supposed to say ‘Jesus’?”

And then the theater (minus our family and  a few others) erupted into laughter.

Was that joke necessary? I hardly think so.

The movie is appropriately titled: Infinity War. This is how it feels; there is an infinite amount of attacks on Christianity.

This is not a call to arms against movies, Disney or anyone at all.

This is a call to prayer.

We need to pray for all those who think that this joke is funny, for those who think that writing this joke is acceptable, for our youth who will watch this movie (and others like it) and will realize how the world openly mocks our Savior and our Faith.

We need an Infinity War Of Prayers.

God bless,

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