About Mireille Mishriky

I view life through Christian colored glasses.Welcome to my collection of thoughts, anecdotes and reflections. I am a Coptic Orthodox author, wife and mother , in the corporate world by day, a writer by night and a Sunday School teacher by the grace of God. Philo and the SuperHolies is my first published work; a story for Christian children to help them uncover their Super powers! It is available in English, French and Spanish on Amazon.com and its international platforms. Commenting is strongly encouraged! I love engaging with my readers. Have a blessed day!

Why did I write the SuperHolies?

Why start my publishing journey by writing a story for children? Christian children? My faith, my son and the angels I serve in my Sunday School class. I have been writing since before I can remember. Writing occurs in spite of me; independent of my will. My son, extraordinary in my eyes, has the same [...]

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